Tourist Spots & Shopping
Birla Mandir

This beautiful white marbel temple of lord Venkateswara is build on a hilllock. One of the best ways to wake up is perhaps to mellifluous hymns in praise of the Lord, and that is one thing that you'd enjoy if you live anywhere in the vicinity of this architectural beauty that is such a splendor to behold. Kausalya supraja Rama poorva sandhya pravartate… the chanting mantra to arouse the Lord can be heard every morning at around 5.30am.


You've heard about it, you've read about it, you've seen umpteen photographs and sketches of it, and now it's time for the real thing! Any tourist who steps into this 400-year-old city eagerly awaits a glance of this monument, which is to Hyderabad what the Statue of Liberty is to the USA and the Eiffel Tower is to Paris. Built in 1591-92 by the Qutb Shahi king Mohammad Quli Qutb Shah, this magnificent edifice that epitomises the pride of our city is a structure of char (four) huge minars (pillars).

Mecca Masjid

The largest Mosque in twin cities and can accommodate up to 10000 worshippers at prayer. The Masjid is very close to Charminar.

Old City, Hyderabad - 500002

Golconda Fort

Ever experienced any of the astounding marvels of acoustics? To have a first-hand experience, just stand at a particular point at the entrance of the Golconda Fort and clap. It reverberates and the sound can be heard clearly at the Bala Hissar, the highest point on the hill, which is almost a kilometer away. A sound and light show in the evening is an added attraction.

Show in English on all days between 0630 and 0730 P.M. Entry fee Rs. 25. 
Hindi show monday, wednessday, Friday and Sunday between 7.45pm to 8.45pm

Hussain Sagar

The lovely lake built in 1562 provides beautiful picnic spots like boating, water sports and the lake divides the twin cities Secanderabad and Hyderabad.One side of the lake lies the tank bund used as connecting road to twin cities and the other side the Neklace road, thus the entire surrounding roads are bejeweled beautiful gardens and green landscapes and illuminations in the evenings. “The world’s tallest monolithic statue of Buddha” stands in the centre of the lake with boat trips from Lumbini park for tourists.. Enquiry regarding boat trips can be had from phone :23455315

Lad Bazar

Stroll across the lane to the west of the Charminar and you reach this street that seats a whole bunch of eager shopkeepers that beckon you and charm you into buying more bangles than you ever thought you needed. You wouldn’t feel bad about spending money here, though. The wares are a fashion statement of their own, and come pretty inexpensive.

Qutb Shahi Tombs

These stately domes form an umbrella over the tombs underneath which rest the majestic kings of the Qutb Shahi dynasty in peace, thence the name. Located quite close to and in the vicinity of the Golconda Fort, these tombs were ornamented with blue and green tiles of which only a few can be seen now. The rooms inside the smaller tombs are basically single-storied while the larger ones have two-storied structures. Closed on Friday.

Timings 0930 A.M. to 1630 P.M. Almost 1Km from Golconda Fort.

Nehru Zoological Park

One of the largest and the best zoos in Asia, the Nehru Zoological Park has nearly 1,500 species of animals, birds and reptiles. Situated in the Bahadurpura area on the way to the N G Ranga Agricultural University in Rajendranagar, the zoo is ahead of Afzalgunj, the Osmania General Hospital and the High Court of AP. Closed is on Monday.

Timings 0900 A.M. to 1700 P.M.

Ramoji Film City

it is the largest, more comprehensive and professionally planned film production centre of the world. Located just 25 Kms. from Hyderabad city Ramoji Film City is a destination that truly inspires one to think different. It is Hyderabad’s answer to Universal Studios nearly 2000 acres. A setting spun amidst the ethereal beauty of nature and man-made wonders. Luxury hotels, theme restaurant’s, Japanese gardens, Persian boulevards, lavish palaces, make believe airports/railway stations with the rustic setting’s of a mud village and a host of other fantastic creations, and the breath of fresh air, all lend a new dimension. Entry Fee: Adults - Rs. 200/-, Child Rs. - 150/-. Timings: 0930 A.M. to 1700 P.M.