Topical Issues

  • Identifying immediate needs, topics for debates, discussions and directions in respect of all matters of relevance to telecom financial and management arising from time to time.
  • Identifying the experts on the above subject and developing in-house knowledge and expertise.
  • Conducting workshops, seminars and conferences on topical issues periodically.

Knowledge Facilitation

  • Facilitating knowledge capture on all telecom matters especially in financial management.
  • Facilitating spread of topical knowledge through internet and other electronic resources.
  • Dissemination through Journals, Publications, Telecom Forum, Discussions & Debates and Surveys etc.

Management Skills

  • Developing management and leadership skills through quality training and practical orientation.
  • Promotion of professionalism at all levels.
  • Identifying the industry best practices across the world and propagating the same within BSNL

Research & Development

  • Research and Development in the field of finance and management.
  • Identifying scope for betterment and achieving all-round excellence and promotion of the same within BSNL
  • Offering advisory and consultancy services.